My art

Welcome in the universe of my creations. You can see here how I use my lost time.

If you wanna get a bigger version of one of my pictures, just click on it, and the download of the big image will begin.

Two fakes I made on Dragon Ball Z.
We hava one Yamcha as a Supa Saiya-jin, asked by someone. As I see he had a lot of success (even stolen in a wikipedia article on DBAF... the guy didn't understand I guess) I now display it officialy :)
And a Gojita not SSJ (which never happen) made for 2Fight. With some luck, this picture will be, like Yamcha, very well listed on Google Image ? :))
A fan art with Cobra, that I made for a contest.
You can see I used again my small Piccolo ^^
I made this for a comic. I liked it so put a stand-alone with a different background.
A fan art of Molly Star Racer, a french animes series still not released. I can't wait to see this series !
When it goes too far in the news...
This picture can be used (with a link) in the news when threads are going crazy :)
[Update 2016] Picture changed
Spiff from Calvin and Hobbes, made for my cousin
"The intrepid Spaceman Spiff is stranded on a distant planet! ..our hero ruefully acknowledges that this happens fairly frequently..."
The Saint that Saint Seiya didn't show : the Ultimate Saint...
I posted my favorites pictures on Deviant Art. See them in my deviant gallery. Comments will be greatly welcomed.


I draw for a lot of differents projects, and seldom without a "cause". That's why this page don't have many pictures, I rarely finish a picture which has no particular goal.
You can find my other arts in pages that needed them and because of I created them. Theses pages are... almost all my websites sections, and my other websites.
The comic section should contain quite much pictures too...

For exemple, see theses pages :


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